Wilsonville Matchmakers | 6 Dating Challenges Introverts Face

If you’re an introvert, we know you’re a wonderful person.  You are very interesting and have unique qualities—not to mention, you’re one of the best friends any guy or girl could ask for.  You are very trustworthy and honest, and people really admire your qualities.  You are a go-getter when it comes to achieving all your goals in life.  You are also independent and don’t rely on anyone for entertainment or happiness.  You probably have a small group of friends, but what you lack in numbers is made up for in quality.  Yes, you might be quiet and avoid loud nights out on the town, but you still know how to have a good time.

Regardless of all the wonderful traits and qualities introverts have, if you’re an introvert looking for love in Portland, then you know firsthand that your struggles in dating multiple.  Today, our Wilsonville matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service will shed light on the most common problems introverts face in today’s modern dating world and help you overcome them.

1. You Hate Dating

You would rather not venture out in the Portland dating scene to begin with.  If it were up to you, you would just push a button and the perfect partner would arrive at your front door.  Sounds like a dream come true, right?

For you, trying to get ready for an evening on the town is just too much.  You don’t like the whole dating thing because it’s full of awkward silences.  The only appealing part of dating is the thought of finding love.  Despite your deep wish to skip over the whole dating process, you need to try your hardest to have a positive mindset and enjoy each date for what it is; after all, if you dread dating and have a negative mindset, you’re not going to make a connection with anyone.

2. You Hate Meeting New People

As an introvert, you might not have too many friends; in fact, you might only have one or two who you’ve known your whole life.  You’re probably laughing right now, and maybe that friend is your mom or that kid you met back in kindergarten.  You hate putting yourself in situations where you have to introduce yourself to new people.  You hate the anxiety it brings, and let’s not get started on anything that changes your everyday life.

Attending a huge party where you don’t know anyone is a nightmare for you.  And because dating is all about meeting new people, you basically hate dating and everything about it.  This is where you have to make an effort to overcome this fear of meeting new people.  You have to take a deep breath, relax, and take every opportunity available to chat it up with someone new.  Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen?  Simple, you never see them again.

3. Your Ideal Date Is Netflix at Home

If you tell someone that you want to have a relaxing date at home they will probably get the wrong idea of you and think you’re easy or trying to get them to the bedroom.  However, since you love your home and everything about it, you would rather sit on your comfy couch, where you’re 100% comfortable, and have your date right there.

For you, it’s all about having control, and you have control in your safe and happy place.  As hard it is for you, our Wilsonville matchmakers encourage you to muster up the courage to step out of your comfort zone.  Our suggestion is to make your dates as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  Instead of stuffy dinner dates, why not try a quiet and cozy coffee shop instead?

4. Meeting Their Friends Is Scary

When you finally meet someone you click with, the next step is meeting each other’s friends—something you’re completely afraid of doing.  Since you don’t like meeting new people, the thought of meeting their friends already gives you anxiety.  But having to impress new people (people who matter to your new love interest) takes it to a whole other level.  Some people don’t mind meeting their new partner’s friends, but it’s terrifying for an introvert.

This is another part of dating that cannot be avoided.  Let your partner know you’re nervous so they can tell their friends to take it easy.  Make sure the first meet is something laid back and comfortable as opposed to a giant party or formal setting.  A low pressure setting will certainly ease your nerves.

5. Meeting Their Family Is Even Worse

You survived meeting their friend, but now comes an even more important meet.  That’s right, it’s time to meet their family now.  Getting bombarded with questions about who you are, where you group up, what school you went to, what you do at work, and what your plans for the future are is like a nightmare come true.

If you wanted to sit through a job interview, you would have applied for one.  You are already stressed beyond belief just thinking about it.  You already know there’s always one person in the family who doesn’t stop asking questions.  Ugh, the struggle of dating is real.

Take a deep breath.  The best way to ensure a good meet with their parents is to ask your partner questions about them so you know what to expect and how to prepare.  Prepare some conversation topics that will appeal to his family’s hobbies and interest so you’re not struggling in conversation once you’re there.

6. You’re Too Private

First dates are all about getting to know one another, but somehow they go beyond that with you.  They always end up asking you questions that are too personal for you, which causes you to say nothing at all or to share entirely too much.

That line between too much information and not enough is just too blurry for you.  Even though you don’t want to be on a date, you don’t want to ruin it either, which can cause you to become so nervous you say and do things you wouldn’t normally do.  The best way to prepare for dates is to rehearse your own questions and prepare your responses to questions you know they’ll ask you.

Are you an introvert looking for love in Portland?  Could you use the help of a professional matchmaker and dating coach?  Our Wilsonville matchmakers work with introverts like yourself every day, so we understand the struggles you face.  But don’t worry, because we will make dating easier and more comfortable for you.

Our expert matchmakers will provide you the encouragement, guidance and support, and one-on-one dating coaching you need to go out there and tackle the modern dating scene by storm.  We go above and beyond to ensure you have a private, relaxed, and worry-free way of dating.

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