5 Signs You Need a Portland Matchmaking Service to Find Love

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Do matchmaking services really work in the age of online dating and mobile dating apps? You can bet your every dollar they do!

With all the modern ways of dating today, many people wonder why they would ever turn to something as old school as a matchmaker when it comes to finding love.  Surprisingly, with the increase of online dating sites and mobile dating apps, off-line matchmaking services—like ours here at Portland Singles Dating Service—have become busier than ever.  If your love life isn’t what you want it to be, then it’s time to consider using a Portland matchmaking service to help you find love in Oregon.

Check out the top five signs you need to invest in a Portland matchmaker to date like you deserve.

  1. You Hate Blind Dates

Blind dates are the worst—you know that all-too-well.  You literally don’t know anything about the person sitting across from you other than what they look like on their online dating profile—whether it’s accurate or not.

If you hate bind dates from online dating sites, then it’s time to invest in a Portland matchmaking service, like ours.  We will present you with quality matches and give you a little insight into their personality.  Both parties will have some knowledge of each other and can rest assured they’ve been screened, background checked, and thoroughly vetted.

  1. You’re Not Getting Anywhere with Your Dates

It’s easy to become tired of dating, especially when your dates are going nowhere.  Our Portland matchmaking service will give you a chance to meet the right people, saving you time and energy.  Remember that quality is better than quality, especially when it comes to dates.

  1. You Need a Discreet & Trustworthy Way of Dating

You’re a very successful individual, which shows in all aspects of your life—including your belongings.  You don’t want someone who is simply after you for your cash.  Absolutely not!  You don’t want to date a gold-digger or mooch.  For many successful singles in Portland, it can be difficult to tell whether someone is into them sincerely or simply for their success.  Our private matchmakers will only introduce you to like-minded, successful individuals whose only interest will be in real love, not your bank account.

  1. You Just Moved to the Area

It can be very difficult to meet new people when you’re new to the area, especially if you just relocated to Portland for your career and are spending most of your time at work.  Our Portland matchmaking service will become your best resource.  Your personal matchmaker will become your best friend, your trusted contact in the area and provide you quality dates, great romantic date destinations, and expert advice to help you succeed in your dating life.

  1. You Want to Be Happy

You might be the most successful person in the area, but if you don’t have someone to share your success with, it can be lonely.  Most people attribute their happiness to being in a relationship.  If your happiness is a priority to you, then it’s time to invest in a Portland matchmaking service that can help you find that happiness and love you yearn for.  Make your love life a priority and you’re going to reap the benefits.

If you’re tired of looking for love on your own, let our Portland matchmaking service do the hard part of dating for you.  To request a FREE consultation, fill out the confidential survey at the top of the page today.  It’s time to outsource your love life to the best matchmakers in Portland and find the love you desire!