Portland Matchmakers | 3 Worst Foods to Order on First Dates

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You spent your whole afternoon trying on every outfit in your closet and finally found the perfect ensemble for your date this evening. You went and had your hair and nails done and even splurged on professional makeup.  Now you’re just waiting for him to pick you up.  Sound familiar?  We know it does.

Ah, the big moment is here.  When you finally get to the restaurant, the small talk begins.  Then comes the very familiar menu and the next important decision for this date, what to order!

Let’s get one thing out of the way, ladies…  You can go with any item on the menu, but as Portland matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience helping women have successful first dates, we know there are a few things you’re going to want to skip on your upcoming date.  After all, you spent the whole afternoon getting all dolled up, do you really want to ruin it with sticky sauce on your fingers, or stain your dress with spaghetti sauce?

Once you enter a relationship with a guy, you can totally go for the messy wings and beer.  If he loves you, he might not even care that your fingers are covered in hot sauce.  However, on a first date, you want to put your best foot forward and keep your fingers clean.

So get ready, ladies, as our Portland matchmakers show you the three forbidden foods you never want to order on a first date.

  1. Too Many Carbonated Beverages

A lot of drinks nowadays have carbonation.  Sodas and some of the most delicious cocktails are made with seltzer water, and then you have beer.  However, we’re all very familiar with what happens when you consume too many carbonated beverages… unpleasant burps!

No matter how hard you try to hide them, if you drink anything fizzy, you’re going to let out a little belch, and that’s not going to be ladylike.  There are many options for noncarbonated beverages; a lovely glass of wine or a fruit cocktail will do.  So do yourself a favor and skip on carbonated drinks, ladies, because burps on a first date are never okay.

  1. That Finger-lickin’ Good Sandwich

We’re not going to just narrow this one down to cheeseburgers because many restaurants have sandwiches on the menu that are tempting but just plain messy.  You know which ones we’re talking about, ladies.  Oh, yes, that crispy chipotle chicken sandwich and that oh so tender pulled pork BBQ sandwich might be ultra-delicious, but they’re also messy.

As delicious and tempting as it might be, just think about how your face is going to look when you take a big bite (and your fingers too).  Not neat, and definitely not ladylike, right?  No way!  Halfway through the sandwich, you’ll probably be reaching for the napkins at the table across from you or asking the waiter for a few wet-naps.  Ladies, skip on big messy sandwiches on first dates.

  1. Wings

Do we really have to explain this one?  Anything that is covered in barbeque sauce and you have to eat with your fingers is going to be the messiest thing in the world.  Yes, wings are a guilty pleasure for everyone, men and women included.  Hey, who doesn’t love those little protein-packed crispy treats drenched in delicious sauces?  We get it, but there’s nothing worse than piling up a mountain of moist towelettes next to you on a first date.  Really, skip the wings on the first date and save these guilty pleasures for when you’re in a solid relationship.

So there you have it, ladies, the top three foods you need to skip on your next first date—that is if you want to land a second, and we know you do!

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