How Single Women in Portland Can Revamp Their Dating Life

beautiful single women in portland

So you’re stuck in a dating rut and unsure how to get out.  It’s clear that whatever you’re doing isn’t working to bring Mr. Right into your life.  You tried to remain positive despite nothing going your way.  Eventually, that beautiful smile of yours started disappearing.  Now you’re getting a little frustrated because you just can’t land a good guy.  As matchmakers, we understand how frustrating dating can be for many singles today.  Dating in Portland isn’t always fun, especially when you’re a busy professional woman searching for love on your own.

If you want to give your dating life a little makeover, use these six helpful tips from our Portland matchmakers and watch your dating life turn around in no time.

In our nearly 30 years of experience in the Portland matchmaking industry, we’ve helped thousands of single women in Portland brighten up their love life, and we’re confident we can help you too.  Read on and find out how to change your dating luck around.

1. Do the Opposite

Make every day an opposite day.  Remember that when you were a kid?  Sure you do, and now it’s time to use it on your love life.  Do you always wait for men to come to you?  Well, now is the time for you start approaching them.  Do you wait for them to smile at you?  Well, now it’s your turn to throw a friendly smile their way.  The same goes if you’re more traditional and always wait for men to ask you out for drinks.  Build up the courage and ask them out.  Instead of relying on men to make the first move, make things happen for yourself.  This simple switch will work wonders in your love life.

2. Stop Looking for Men Online

One of the worst things you can do for your dating life is window shop for men online.  You scroll through pages and pages of local men but know nothing about their intentions.  Did you know that most men who sign up for online dating sites are only looking for casual flings?  If you’re relying on online dating, then it’s no wonder you’re single today.  Your chances of finding love online are slim to none—it’s just not going to happen.  If you can pull yourself away from the online dating world, you’ll increase your chances of finding love.

3. Forget Dinner & Drinks

As matchmakers, we know these are staples for most people, but they can also get boring if you’re doing them the time and time again.  It can be hard to get excited about dating if you’re going to go to the same bar all the time and sitting at the same table you’ve been at for the last couple of weeks.  Why not freshen up your dating life with new date ideas like art gallery shows, festivals, fairs, and mini-golfing?  This simple switch in your date routine will surely pull you out of that dating rut and get you excited about dating again.

4. Be Brave

Being brave is much easier said than done.  There are many single women in Portland who are brave enough to approach men, and you need to be like them.  If you see an attractive guy, don’t be afraid to approach him.  Ask your sister to set you up with that coworker she’s been telling you about for weeks.  Accept the blind date your coworker has been badgering you about.  Yes, it’s time to do something outside of your comfort zone!  It’s time to say yes to more dates.

5. Take the Pressure Off

If you’re like many single women in Portland, then you probably put a lot of pressure on yourself to find the one, which means going on a lot of dates to increase your chances.  Of course, that’s the only way to find love.  But sometimes you need a little break to help you recoup your energy and get back to your vibrant and positive self.  Maybe a small dating break is all you need to break this boring dating cycle.  A week or two away (or maybe more) from dating is healthy.

6. Meet Men in Real Life

Yes, we know how hard it can be to have real life dates (thanks to the invention of online dating sites and mobile dating apps).  But we know you can still do it.  It’s a lot more difficult and takes more time, but you got this, right?  So how do you meet quality men in Portland? Attend parties and events, go to local festivals if that’s your type of thing, or hit up a mixer for your industry.  The more you put yourself out there and explore different avenues of meeting new people, the better your chances of finding love.

Are you sick and tired of not getting anywhere in your love life?  Use these six simple steps from our Portland matchmakers and freshen up your dating life so you can finally get back to the joy and excitement you once had for dating.

If you’re sick and tired of meeting men who aren’t serious about dating, contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us do the matching for you.  Let us help you kick up your dating life once and for all.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!