Top 3 Reasons to Join an Upscale Portland Dating Service

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Traditional matchmakers are making a comeback and quickly becoming the number one way for busy professional singles to find love.  It’s not hard to see why, since everyone is fed up with the hookup culture of dating apps and dating sites.  Not to mention how time-consuming and fruitless online dating can be.  Swiping the afternoon away sometimes doesn’t even produce a date.

Exhausted by online dating and its time-consuming drudgery, more and more singles in Portland are jumping into a service that dates back centuries.  Our matchmakers here at Portland Singles have been in business for nearly 30 years—decades before dating sites came about.

When singles get burnt out from online dating, our matchmakers see an increase in memberships.  If online dating sites and mobile dating apps have become too overwhelming, then it’s time to let our matchmakers take over the wheel and help you meet relationship-minded singles with ease.

While our services aren’t for everyone, they’re certainly perfect for those who want something serious—something meaningful.  Let us show you the upsides for joining our upscale Portland dating service on your search for love.

1. You’ll Meet High-Quality Singles

Say goodbye to meeting people who are only into hooking up and casual flings.  When you hire our matchmakers, you’ll meet people who are serious about settling down.  Everyone who joins our services recommends us to others because of the high-quality singles they’re meeting.  Every client you meet through us is looking for a serious relationship—they’re weighing in to see if you’re a good fit.  All of our clients are tired of playing the field and are now ready to settle down.  Because they’re looking for something special, you’re never going to waste your time, speaking of which…

2. Your Time Is Precious

Time is a luxury for busy professionals.  Most singles hire our services because they don’t have time to date on their own.  When you lead a busy life and have a lot on your plate, there is only so much time you can spend on mediocre dates.  Our matchmakers aren’t going to send you out on a date unless we feel that person is a good fit for you.  The people you meet on introductions will value your time as well.  They also want something real, something committed, something meaningful.  Bad and disappointing dates take a toll on daters.  Our matchmakers cut to the chase and omit a lot of wasted time for you.

3. You’ll Meet Compatible Singles

You know the scenario: she was beautiful, he was handsome, there was a lot of chemistry in the air, and you thought they were the one.  Flash forward five dates and you’re now getting to know each other on a more serious level… only to discover that you clash on important matters.  On paper, you have no future.  Sound familiar?

With one of our matchmakers by your side, these questions (and more serious ones) are asked before any introduction so you can rest assured that when you meet someone, you’re going to mesh.

Our matchmakers do the hard work of dating and report back to a client with all the relevant information before setting up a date.  If you want to have children, we will only introduce you to someone who wants children.

So is matchmaking really worth the investment?  Absolutely, it is.  Here at Portland Singles, we’ve helped thousands of singles find true love in our nearly 30 years of operations.  Are you going to be our next success story?  We sure hope so!

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