Portland Matchmaking Service | 5 Healthy Breakup Remedies

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It seems like the only way to handle a breakup is to eat junk food and watch a bunch of sad movies, right?  Of course, and that’s because it’s been engraved in every woman’s mind since a very young age.  It’s like second responses at this point.  If you get dumped, the first thing you go for is a pint of ice-cream, a giant spoon, and your favorite rom-com.  While this method is definitely promoted and has been used by millions of women out there, it’s not the healthiest recipe to get over a breakup.  Eating lots of junk food and not leaving your room will certainly make you gain a few pounds and cause you to be more depressed.  Who wants to gain weight and be depressed?  No one!

You can do much better than stuffing your face, drinking wine, and crying your eyes out while you’re locked up alone at home.  Today, our Portland matchmaking service will show you five unconventional and healthy ways to get over a breakup without turning to ice-cream, wine, or sad movies.

1. Try New Foods

There are so many superfoods these days that everyone is talking about them.  Seaweed has now replaced kale, turmeric is the go-to spice, and just about any exotic fruit you can blend up for a breakfast smoothie is the new thing.  Take the cash you stashed away for your Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, wine, and a bag of chips and spend it on healthy food items at the healthy food store.  Believe us, your waistline will thank you for it.

2. Get Your Girlfriends Involved

It’s possible that your gal pals want to get healthy too, right?  Of course, so why not get them involved in your new healthy lifestyle?  Agree to meet on a Saturday morning and go for a 2 mile run.  Not that fit yet?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go running because a simple walk or a jog will do.  As long as you’re sweating and moving, it works.  After whatever activity you choose to do, go for a healthy brunch.  Better yet, invite them over and make it yourself.  You’ll not only get fit and active, but you’ll have some gal time too, which is one of the main ingredients for getting over your breakup.

3. Follow Your Heart

No, don’t follow your heart if it’s telling you to text him.  That’s not the heart following we’re talking about here.  You can follow your heart if it’s telling you to take cooking classes, to book a gals’ trip, or to start a new blog.  Do whatever it is you always wanted to do as long as it’s healthy and can help you get over your breakup.  Not only will it open you up to new people, hobbies, and places, but it serves as a healthy distraction too.

4. Clean Up Your Social Media

You might not love opening your Facebook account and seeing your ex smiling from ear to ear in every picture the two of you have together.  But in order to get over your ex, you’re going to have to clean up your social media accounts.  You want to get rid of any picture that includes him.  Come on, you know that things are truly over once you get rid of all your couples selfies.

5. Have Fun

You want to wallow and lock yourself in your room because that’s what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do when a relationship ends.  Instead, we want you to have fun.  Hey, why not?  Life is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest, not to be lived in a dark bedroom crying your heart out to romantic movies.  The healthiest thing you can do to get over your breakup is simply have fun.  Your interpretation of that is totally up to you—just don’t invite your ex for drinks because that will only set you back and hinder your progress.

Anyone who is going through a breakup knows how difficult it is to move on from an ex.  But if you follow these five helpful and unconventional breakup methods from our dating and relationship experts here at Portland Singles, we know you’ll be over your breakup in no time.

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