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Anyone in a relationship knows that a woman is the most talkative partner.  Women have been known to speak as much as twice as many words as men do in a single day.  Yes, that’s true—just Google it.  So it comes as no surprise that some of those words might be a little annoying to men.  Women often ask questions in hopes of getting a response or sparking a conversation with their partner.  Although well-intentioned, these questions can drive men insane.  Men are sick and tired of being asked what they want for dinner every night of the week.  They would much rather sit on the sofa, watch TV, and relax.

“Where is this going?” “Why can’t you be more romantic?” Even reading these questions can make a man’s eyeballs roll.  These questions—and many others—can send men packing.  As a Hillsboro dating service with nearly 30 years of experience in the dating industry, we know what drives men nuts.  Let our Portland matchmakers show you the top three questions men are sick of being asked.

1. Where is this going?

All men know this question is inevitable in a relationship.  Every woman wants to know where the relationship is going.  Nonetheless, every man still cringes when a woman asks this question.  Whether it’s asked too early or not, men hate it when a woman insists on asking, “Where is going?”  It’s not that they don’t want the relationship to progress—it’s the pressure of putting a label on the relationship.

The first time a woman asks this question, it’s to establish exclusivity.  The hard part is when a man is asked this question months or even years into the relationship.  At this point, she clearly wants to know if they’re going to take the relationship to the next level and get married.  Men don’t like to feel pressured or threatened.  They like to move at their own speed.  Maybe he wants to get married on his own terms without any pressure from you.

2. Why do you like her picture on social media?

Ahh, social media—it’s a magical tool of the web that allows everyone to stay connected. But it also allows a girlfriend to check her man’s every move.  Women can see who her man adds, every picture he likes, and every post he comments on.  Even the purest intentions can get a man in trouble as it leaves women asking why he liked another woman’s picture.

A simple man’s first thought would be, “Because I like it,” but a wise man knows better.  Should he pretend it was an accident?  No, because she’ll see right through that.  So what’s a guy to do when he’s asked this annoying question?  The truth is, there isn’t really a right answer here.  Any way you slice it, he’s in trouble.  Any way you lay it out there, men hate it.

3. Why can’t you be more like him?

The worst part of going on a double date or hanging out with other couples comes at the end of the night.  A simple question like, “Why can’t you be more like Jessica’s boyfriend, he’s so caring” can start a huge fight.  Men hate being compared, especially to your friends’ boyfriends.  It can make him feel like less of a man, especially when you’re praising someone else.

Of course you think Jessica’s boyfriend is the sweetest man in the world when you’re only with them for an hour or two.  What you don’t know is how he acts behind closed doors.  Does he do the dishes like your man does?  Does he surprise her every now and then like your boyfriend does?  You can’t compare your boyfriend with someone you only see for a few hours.

So there you have it, ladies, the top three questions men are sick of being asked.  If you want to avoid problems in your relationship, then skip on these questions.

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