Portland Matchmaking Service | 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

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Nothing is more stressful than gift shopping during the holiday season.  Buying a great gift for that special women in your life can be frustrating to say the least.  And the holiday wish list is usually filled with high priced items that never quite wow someone.  More often than not, guys choose between a Victoria’s Secret gift card and a kitchen gadget.  But you don’t want to be that guy, and that’s why you’re here searching for the perfect gift to wow your woman.

Nothing can create more happiness and bring you closer to your woman than getting her the perfect gift—a well thought out gift.  So how do you find the perfect Christmas gift for the wonderful woman in your life?  And how are you supposed to know what she really wants and expects from you?

Don’t fret, that’s what we’re here for.  As the best Portland matchmaking service, we’ve helped thousands of couples make their holidays memorable.  Christmas shopping for your woman doesn’t have to be stressful.  Finding her the perfect gift can be fun, stress-free, and meaningful.  Get ready as our Portland matchmakers reveal the top Christmas gifts for your girlfriend or wife.

1. A Unique Holiday Experience

Before we delve into the actual gift ideas, we want to touch on something that really works.  It’s the life experiences that makes us happy… Believe it or not, happier than receiving things.  Often times we get so caught up in what to buy and how much money to spend that we forget the meaning behind everything.  Women love experiences much more than gifts, but many guys don’t realize this.

Giving your woman a heads up a couple of weeks in advance that you’re planning something romantic and special for the holidays will heighten her excitement and get her looking forward to the fast-approaching day.  Now, does that mean you should replace all gifts with experiences?  Maybe not, but you can definitely incorporate this as one of your ideas this year.  For example, giving your woman a new yoga mat and then also enrolling her in a yoga class will mean a lot more to her than just grabbing her the yoga mat.  Similarly, buying two tickets to her favorite band and surprising her the evening of the concert will mean much more than grabbing her the CD.  You get the picture.

2. An Enjoyable Holiday Dinner

Let’s be honest, the holidays are very stressful for everyone.  Sadly, since Christmas and New Years are supposed to be a time for fun, celebration, and relaxation, the holiday season has actually increased our stress levels a lot.  Between sitting in traffic, having to stand in long lines at the mall, and enduring family drama at the dinner table, the holidays are a whole lot of stress.

Why not do something special to take the stress away?  Why not plan a romantic dinner for your woman in a stress-free setting that she can actually enjoy?  Why not plan an intimate one-on-one dinner for two?  This will instantly make the holidays more enjoyable and bring you and your partner closer together.

3. Get Her Something for Work

Most people spend a lot of time at work.  It doesn’t matter how great the job is, there’s always going to be some stress.  Getting your partner something for work will make her work day more enjoyable.

It’s really hard to go wrong here since most work related gifts will always be used.  If your woman is on the road a lot, then get her a travel tote.  If she works in a loud office, maybe a new headset would do her some good.  If she enjoys eating healthy meals, why not get her a stylish lunch bag to keep her food hot or cool?  Little things that make the work day easier and less stressful will always be a fabulous gift idea for her.

But beyond making her job more enjoyable, the best Christmas gifts are the ones that make her better herself.  Does she need to study to work up the career ladder?  Get her the latest book in her field, or perhaps tickets to an upcoming seminar that’s coming to town.  You get the idea.

Stop stressing over her gift.  Now you have three amazing gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife.  With a little thought and effort, you’ll bring happiness to the most important woman in your life.  Get out there and have some fun with your gift shopping this Christmas.

Happy holidays from our Portland matchmaking team here at Portland Singles Dating Service.

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