Beaverton Matchmakers | 8 Reasons to Avoid Office Romance

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It is very difficult to meet people nowadays, especially when it seems like all we do is work, run errands, handle everyday responsibilities, sleep, and repeat. Of course, you see your coworkers on a daily basis, so it’s easy to develop a crush on one of them. It happens all the time. It seems like you have so much in common and that it poses no danger to get romantically involved with them. But starting a relationship with a coworker will bring guaranteed change.

Sure, the relationship might work out for you. But let’s be realistic here, this is not one of your favorite rom-cones, so there’s a high probability it won’t. The truth is, there are far more reasons not to get involved with a coworker than there are to date one. Today, our Beaverton matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service will show you the top reasons to avoid workplace relationships.

  1. They might become your boss or vice versa.


This is the worst. One day you’ll become the woman (or man) who slept with their boss—the one who no one takes seriously because they slept with a superior. And if you become the boss, then you’ll be accused of favoritism.

  1. Coworkers will keep tabs.


When everyone catches on to your new office relationship, all your coworkers will start keeping tabs on your new office romance. Colleagues will be looking at you and your partner every time you go to the printing room, they will stop and stare every time the two of you are talking, and if you both show up late to work one day, they’ll definitely take notice to that too. From here on out, it’s all eyes on you.

  1. You’ll see them every day.


Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and dating a coworker means no absence from each other. When you date a coworker, you’re forced to see each other every single day. And although this might seem wonderful the first few months, it will definitely get old. This will cause the excitement of the relationship to fade away quickly.

  1. You’ll be the center of the gossip.


The second your coworkers get whiff of your new office relationship, you’ll become the new topic of conversation. Everything about your relationship will be out in the open for everyone to discuss, which can really do a number on your career and reputation.

  1. You’ll be distracted.


Dating a coworker will definitely be distracting, especially if you happen to work closely with them. Staring at your new partner while they make photocopies will prevent you from putting all your time and effort into your work. If word gets back to your boss that you’re dating someone new from the office and your productivity is low, you can be reprimanded for this.

  1. Your conversations will revolve around work.


When dating a coworker, it’s common that most of your conversations will revolve around work, what’s happening at the office, your annoyances, and the latest gossip. Over time, you might find that you and your new partner don’t have much in common outside of work.

  1. Jealousy will increase.


If it so happens that you’re dating your boss or a superior, it might spark some workplace jealousy. Your colleagues will suspect you’re getting special treatment because you’re dating a superior. And you better believe that they’ll all turn their backs on you. Can you really handle that? Can you deal with the accusations and assumptions?

  1. Lunch will get awkward.


Do you really want to eat lunch with them every day? Will they be offended if you choose to eat lunch with your friends? Will they pout when you go to the local burger joint and don’t bring them something back? What if you want to eat alone to clear your mind but they insist on joining you? You used to look forward to lunch hour to decompress and destress, but lunches can quickly become very awkward when you’re dating a coworker.

Dating a coworker might not sound like a big deal at first, but it is. Office romances are known for destroying people’s work reputations. In most places, they’re forbidden. But even if your workplace doesn’t forbid them, you should still avoid them for yourself and your career.

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