Portland Dating Service | How a Broken Heart Changes You

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Ending a relationship with someone can leave some of the deepest scars you can imagine, scars that can sometimes take years to go away. While you eventually heal and move on with your life, there’s no denying that heartbreak will change you in many different ways. Let our Portland dating service show you how a broken heart changes your life and makes you grow.

  1. It’s harder to love again.


The first time you fall in love, you dive headfirst into the relationship. You throw yourself right in without thinking about it. You put all your eggs in the relationship basket only to have it come to an end. When it’s all over, you realize you can only count on one person, yourself. You will then be hesitant to love again.

  1. You realize how important friendships are to your life.


The person you put first in your life took themselves out of the equation. No matter how many bridges you burn, when your wall comes crashing down, your friends will always be there by your side. When they have your back, you’ll learn to appreciate their loyalty over a partner’s. You’ll learn to never put them on the backburner again.

  1. Learn to rely on yourself.


Before the breakup, you and your partner were a team. But now you’re back to being single again. When you aren’t part of a team anymore, that’s when you find your true independence. You learn that the only person you can count on is yourself, especially during difficult times.

  1. You’re forced to figure out who you are.


The initial aftermath of a breakup can leave you wondering who you are as a person. When you finally come to terms with the breakup, you’ll realize there is nothing wrong with you and will then discover who you really are as an individual.

  1. You’ll start doubting true love.


No matter your beliefs about love before the breakup, afterwards you’ll start doubting if true love really exists. If you once believed in soul mates and twin flames, you won’t believe that anymore, and you won’t get your faith back until you meet someone who makes sparks fly again.

  1. You’ll start thinking you’re better off alone.


Wouldn’t it be easier to never have to experience this pain again? Of course, it would. Sure, you might experience some lonely nights, but you’ll never have to worry about experiencing this awful pain again. At the end of the day, you know that heartbreak isn’t worth it, and you won’t change your mind about it until true love comes knocking at your door.

  1. You decide to stop kidding yourself.


After the initial excitement of the relationship passes by, you’ll start seeing your relationship without rose-tinted glasses and realize that you deserve better. In the relationship, you were probably making excuses and putting up with things you shouldn’t have put up with. But now that you’re single, you can finally see that you were unhappy all along. Once you realize that your Mr. or Mrs. Right wasn’t the one after all, you’ll realize that you’re worth more.

  1. You stop trusting people so easily.


Even if your partner didn’t cheat on you, your trust for people is bound to take a hit. You will stop trusting people so freely, even if they’ve done nothing to you. When the person you trust most in life betrays you, it’s hard to trust anyone else again. You will find that it’s very difficult to put your faith in anyone else after a breakup.

Perhaps the best thing you can learn from a breakup is that you can get through anything. There’s no pain in the world stronger than heartache. Now that you’ve been there and done that, nothing can hit you harder.

If you want to get through this heartache, follow these eight expert tips from our Portland dating experts. We promise you that although it will be tough, you will get through it.

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