Portland Matchmakers Show Signs He’s Really in Love with You

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Does he really love me?” or “Is he really into me?” this dating blog could give you the answers you’re looking for – and hopefully the reassurance you want.

As professional matchmakers in Portland with nearly 30 years of experience, we’ve discovered that men and women often show some of the same signs when they are in love. But there are also a few distinct ways men tend to show love.  So get ready as our Portland matchmakers show you the top signs he’s really in love with you.

  1. He Makes an Effort to Be the Best Version of Himself


When a man is really in love with you, he’s going to try.  When it comes to dating, he’ll plan wonderful dates and put in efforts so the dates are fun.  He’ll save and wear clean clothes so he can impress you.  He’ll remember your birthday and actually get you something thoughtful, he’ll crack jokes to your mom and dad, and try to find common ground with your friends.  When a guy is truly in love with you, there’s no end to the amount of effort he’ll put in.

This might be where the where the idea of relationship work comes into the picture, but when a guy wants you badly, he’ll go the extra mile.  A guy who’s really into you won’t complain about having to make an effort because he’ll genuinely want to.

  1. He Truly Listens To You


Women have a bad rap for being chatterboxes who don’t know when to stop talking, but usually, it’s just because they have a lot to say! Rather than getting annoyed when you complain about what’s going on at your work or hearing about the drama going on with your friends, a guy who truly loves you will listen attentively and even give you feedback.

We know you might not be really looking for advice; sometimes you just want to be heard.  A man who loves you and wants you will understand that sometimes all you need is an ear to listen.  It shows that he wants to get to know you better and that he values your thoughts and feelings.  A guy who’s just in it to get booty wouldn’t spend any time listening to you rant.

  1. He Sticks to His Promises


Anyone can make a promise, as long as they don’t have to deliver on it.  Every day people make promises and never deliver.  Politicians have made a career out of doing just this.  But a guy who cares about you will actually try to follow through on his promises rather than giving you false promises.  This is because a man who wants you also wants you to think highly of him and to respect him. And he knows you won’t respect him if he doesn’t follow through with his promises.

A man of his word is hard to find.  If he sticks to his promises, it serves as proof of how much he values you and respects your heart.

  1. He’ll Want to Spend a Lot of Time with You


See how we said a lot of time, not all his time? That’s a very important distinction here, because a man who wants to spend most of his time with you really loves your company and wants to be in in it more often, but a man who spends all his time with you can be clingy and needy, and that’s not the type of guy you want to date.

Wanting to spend most of his time with you means he really love you, but in a healthy way.  He still knows that he needs time with the guys or with his family, but that he enjoys your company just as much.  Plus, not to mention that he also understands that you need to do your own things and respects that and understands that it makes the time the two of you spend together even more special.

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