Portland Matchmakers Reveal 3 Signs You’re Not the Main Dish

sinlge men in portland

Every smart woman knows the Portland dating scene is overflowing with players.

You know the type… The one who smooth talks his way in with his charm and confident demeanor.  He’s the typical ladies’ man who leads to you believe that he is actually into you.  He is the type of guy who will play you for his own benefit.

Keep an eye out, because you don’t have time for a guy who wants to play you.  Kick ‘em to the curb!  A player is not for anyone.  You are too wonderful to waste your time with a guy who’s only looking to play with you or string you along.

Let our Portland matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service show you then obvious warning signs you’re getting played. If you notice a couple of these red flags, it’s time to give him the boot.

  1. He Only Arranges Last Minute Plans


Guys who aren’t serious about dating you, won’t take time to plan elaborate dates with you.  If he only calls you last minute to see if you are free to meet up, then he isn’t interested in dating you, let alone being in a serious relationship.

If he was, then he wouldn’t ask you out last minute all the time. Instead, he would actually take time to plan a romantic date night with you.  Words of wisdom, don’t cancel plans with your gals just because he calls last minute to see you.

  1. He Only Plans Dates for the Weekdays


There is nothing wrong with going out on dates during the week, but to never go out on the weekends is a huge red flag.  What could he be doing over the weekend that he can’t take you out on a date?  Guys who avoid weekend dates are typically looking to keep the relationship casual.  Since the weekend tends to be a big date night for most couples, he is trying to avoid it at all costs.  He wants to keep it casual, as he is keeping his options open.  The weekend is for him to do as he wants.  He might also have other dates lined up over the weekend that prevent him from seeing you.  Whatever the case, if he refuses to take you out on the weekend, you’re definitely not the main dish in his life.

  1. He Cancels Last Minute


When you agree to go out with him, he would generally be excited that you said yes to go out.  At least that’s how a normal guy would act.  However, if you find that he cancels dates more often than not, then you’re really not as important to him as you thought you were.  Now, this doesn’t mean things don’t come up unexpectedly that are out of his control. That does happen all the time.  But he should reschedule the date if that happens.

When a guy is really interested in a woman and wants to spend time together, he’s never going to leave her wondering if she’s actually going to see him or not.  If he has a reputation for canceling plans last minute with half-hearted excuses, then he doesn’t really value your time or company.  Just listen to your intuition for this one, you’ll know when he is sincere and when he is lying.

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