Lake Oswego Matchmakers | 5 Reasons to Break Up with Him

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Many things contribute to the unraveling of a relationship. Reasons vary from outright hatred towards your boyfriend to less drastic reasons, such as being incompatible.

Everyone has different reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship with someone. But if you’re looking for valid, straightforward and common reasons for leaving your partner, here are the most reasonable grounds for breaking up with him.

Today our Lake Oswego matchmakers will show you valid reasons to leave your boyfriend without any feelings of guilt. After all, you have to do what is best for you, not anyone else.

  1. He’s Lazy


He can’t seem to hold a steady job, he’s always out of cash, and he has great dreams but he doesn’t wake up before noon. Lazy alert!

If he’s not actually working to overcome his laziness, then it’s very likely he will be like this forever.

Of course, at the beginning stages of your relationship you might have overlooked this, but trust us, as time goes on and you get married and start a family, you’ll regret not breaking up with him.

It is very common for lazy men to be in the search of a successful woman that will accommodate to their lazy ways. Be very careful about this undeniable trait because it will cause big problems in your relationship.

  1. He’s Not Attentive to You


He’s too worried about himself to care about you. He doesn’t seem to care one bit, or he will simply minimize your needs. What does it mean? It means he’s not really interested in helping you and doesn’t care about making you feel special, in which case, you are better off breaking up with him.

It’s obvious no one really holds the power of making you feel better but yourself, but nevertheless a little pampering from your boyfriend can help you feel better from time to time. If your boyfriend is not doing this for you, then help yourself and leave him now.

  1. He Makes You Feel Jealous


You’re usually not the jealous type but he has been acting very different lately, and your gut feeling is telling you that something is up. For some reason, you start feeling jealous and he’s giving you a reason to feel that way, like getting phone calls late at night, coming home late, smelling like perfume, and even that different tone of voice he uses when he’s on the phone.

If you’re doubting his fidelity and you’re not the jealous type, then you probably have valid reason to feel this way. So watch out and remember, you don’t deserve a man who cheats on you and betrays your trust.

  1. The Relationship Isn’t Growing


Everyone knows that men have a harder time committing to someone or something. But time has gone by and the relationship isn’t growing. Plus, he has a million excuses to not get married or move in together. There are many components to this point, as there might be good reason why he is not ready.

But if you’re both financially stable and in what you consider to be in a healthy relationship, then there is a problem as to why the relationship isn’t moving forward. Have a talk with him, and if he doesn’t want to move the relationship forward, you know what to do.

  1. You Don’t Have the Same Future Goals


You dream of some day moving to Hong Kong and he dreams of living in California. You want children but he doesn’t want to have a family. He wants to travel the world while you want to stay local. The relationship is doomed if you don’t have future plans that align.

It’s alright, it’s not the end of the world. It just means both have different plans in life. It also means you’re not compatible, so there’s no point in wasting any more of your time.

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