Portland Matchmaking Service | 3 Signs He’s Just Toying

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Have you ever left a dating experience feeling like you were taken for a fool, wondering what just happened? You clearly didn’t see the warning signs the guy was sending, or perhaps didn’t know what to look for and got blindsided.

As professional matchmakers and dating experts, we’ve seen this happen to so many love-seeking single women in Portland. Being made a fool has to stop today.

To stop the heartache of women everywhere, we are going to reveal how to know if a guy is toying with you. We’re going to broadcast the red flags that let you know he’s not serious about you.

So get ready as our Portland matchmaking service reveals the top warning signs he’s just toying with your feelings.

  1. You have never met his family.


In every relationship, there is a series of events that take place. While these don’t have to follow a strict order, at some point there’s usually a period of getting to know each other, early affections and officially dating. There’s also a step that inevitably comes once the relationship starts to get serious… meeting his family.

It’s a huge step and often takes some time before it happens. Even though there’s no set time when it should happen, it’s usually a requirement for relationships. When you get to know someone new, you’re accepting every part of them, which includes their family. If he hasn’t introduced you to his family, he might not be that serious about you.

On the other hand, we have to consider other possibilities. He might not have introduced you to them for protection. If that’s the case, he should make sure to communicate this to you. That’s why if it’s ever a concern for you, then you shouldn’t hesitate to ask him about it.

  1. You are only an afterthought to him.


Spending time with someone takes a lot of effort, whether it be a friend or family member. But even more work that those people is a partner. You’re the one he’s choosing to put first. Therefore, it takes the most time and effort out of any relationship to be in a romantic relationship.

With that in mind, he needs to show you that he’s willing to take this challenge on in order to spend time together. When both of you are busy, will he make it a point to find time to see each other on another day? Or are you just an afterthought to him? While it takes both sides to make a relationship work, he needs to show you that he’s willing to do his part.

  1. He’s all talk and no action.


It easy for many guys to sweep a woman off her feet, especially when he says all the right things. There are plenty of men out there who know how to talk to a woman. A woman sometimes can’t help but to fall for a smooth talker. Not all guys will back up what they say, though. No matter how sweet and promising it sounds, you need to be very careful of the guy who promises you the world and never delivers. Men aren’t expected to deliver the moon. But they need to be men of their words.

If he says he wants to be with you, then his actions should prove that. Otherwise, he’s just toying with your feelings. As great as it is hearing a guy tell you that he loves you more than anything in the world he should match his words with actions.

It’s so unfortunate that guys like this exist in today’s dating world. Therefore, it requires you to be on top of your game all the time. That doesn’t mean you have to question everything a man tells you, but you should always be on guard.

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