Portland Matchmakers Reveal Qualities to Look for in a Men

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The key to being successful with women in Portland all boils doing to being confident. If you want ladies to swoon over you the minute you walk in the room then you need to have self-awareness. Unfortunately this isn’t something everyone has. Not all men are confident. But is very important if you want to be successful with the ladies.

Let’s explain briefly what self-awareness means: to put it in the simple terms it means being able to maintain a certain degree of personal control and composure.

How To Be The Guy Ladies Swoon Over


Do you want to maximize your success with the ladies? Then you need have self-awareness. You need to be a true gentleman and treat her right. Today our Portland matchmakers are going to put their 30 years of experience in the love industry and show you what qualities women desire and how you can achieve them.

  1. Be Well Groomed


The first step to impress a lady is being well groomed. It is obvious yet so many men failed at this. You need to be on top of your first impression after all you only get one chance to get it right. So what does being well groomed means? It means making sure that as soon you walk out of your door, everything about you is on point. All eyes must be on you. In order to do that you need to take care of your facial hair, wear an expensive cologne, cut your nails, brush your teeth, have a sharp hair cut and wear gel. The more time you spend on this the better it will be.

  1. Be A Gentleman


There is a reason why George Clooney is so popular with the ladies. Why? Because his a true life gentleman. Women melt for a guy with manners. Women love a guy who can charm his way out of anything. You should always treat her right and with respect. Remember that being a gentleman is more than just opening the car door for her is about your overall attitude. The way you treat her means a lot but also the way you treat others.

  1. Be A Good Listener


Good listening skills are one of the qualities women look for in men and one of the most important ones. If you can listen to her without complaining that she talks too long you are half way there. Our Portland matchmakers want you to open your ears and take interest in the things she says to you. Rather than sitting there thinking about what you are going to eat for dinner listen to her. It will go along way. Listening intently is a surefire way to let her know you are interested in her.

  1. Be Giving With Your Money


Ok guys this doesn’t mean give her all your money. If a women is only after you for money you need to dump her. Our Portland matchmakers are talking about being generous with your money. Is about showing her that you can provide for the relationship. We live in a world where women can pay for their own dates but if you are inviting her out then is your job to cover the date. If you invite her, pay for the meal, pay for the tip and pay for her taxi ride home. This is the least you can do for having a beautiful women come out with you. Doing this will show her that you are the type of guy she should date.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Body Language


Never underestimate the power of body language. It will tell her things about you without you having to speak. Try to keep your movements slow and sure. You need to be relax, but keep your posture in an erect way. Remember how we said you need to be confident? Well, this can be done with your body language. you need to ensure that your body language says that you are confident.

  1. Be A Good Talker


Everyone is entitle to their opinion and is great you have your own. but going head to head with her over something is going to spoil the date. You risk coming across as a bully which isn’t good. Our Portland matchmakers want you to share your opinions even if it contradicts with her, but always be open-minded. This approach is much better than going head to head with her. Women love men who know how to keep a conversation going and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.

  1. Be Positive


One of the most important qualities women want their women to have is to be positive. No women or man wants to date someone who is always down and angry. Negative talk is a quick way to push her away. Being positive however, will improve your chances with her. Keep the conversation upbeat and light. Show her that you are someone she can have a good time with.

  1. Be Good With The Eyes


Your eyes are the windows to your soul. We all know that eyes can speak volumes without saying anything. Men who are not confident struggle to maintain good eye contact. If you want to improve your chances with her ensure you maintain good eye contact when she talks. Keep your eye contact firm through the conversation and this will show her that you are confident.  You also need to use your eyes to seduce her when you talk to her.

  1. Be In Control Of Your Self


Emotional outburst are for frat boys. You are a grown adult and need to behave as such. A real man is always in control of his emotions, and verbally express his needs and thoughts in a mature way. Our Portland matchmakers suggest you keep a lid on your emotions if you want to win her over. Women love men who are in control of themselves.

Becoming the most eligible men in Portland isn’t going to be a walk in park. But doing so can improve your chances with women. Are you ready to meet quality women who are serious about dating? Contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us help you meet her.