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Are you landing dates but never securing seconds? Not sure why? Let the best Portland matchmaking service shed some light on why. You’re not alone. Many singles in Portland are in the same sinking boat as you. Why? Because they’re saying all the wrong things on first dates.

As the best Portland matchmaking service, we’re here to save your dates. Are you ready to find out where you’re going wrong?There’s no quicker way to spoil a first date than blurting out something dumb. But sometimes, you might not consider what you’re saying dumb but instead honest. Let’s just say that dating doesn’t require such blunt honesty. That’s right, there are some things that are just better left unsaid when it comes to first dates. Some things are better left for future dates. After all, you don’t want to shock or scare your date away, right?

Get ready as our Portland matchmaking experts share a few topics of conversation you never want to bring up on a first date.

  1. Past Lovers

Psycho ex-girlfriend? Possessive ex-husband? Or perhaps wonderful ex-lover? No, no, no! Regardless whether you’re trash talking them or reminiscing about how great they were, your date doesn’t want to hear it.

Negative talk has no place on a first date, so never bring up how horrible your ex was when you dated. At the same time, you also don’t want to tell your date how wonderful they were. Bottom-line, steer clear of exes. No one wants to hear about your past lovers, good or bad.

  1. Finances

Never bring up finances on a first date. Whether you’re bragging about how much you make or how little you seem to bring home, never get on the topic of money. Bragging or whining about money is a major turn off and will scare your date away. Plus, they’ll think that’s all you care about.

  1. Gossip

Whether it’s about your family, friends, coworkers, or even past dates, you never want to gossip about people on a first date. First off, your date doesn’t even know these people, so it’s not relevant to them. Secondly, gossiping about others paints a negative picture of you. Do you want your date to think you’re involved in everyone else’s business all the time? Do you want them to think you’re not trustworthy from the get-go? Gossiping or talking negatively about others is the fastest way to show your date that you don’t value or respect privacy.

  1. Infidelities

The fastest way to send your date running for the nearest exit is to let them know you’re a cheater. No one, and we mean no one, wants to date a cheater! You know what they say, once a cheater always a cheater. And even if you had a temporary lapse in judgement and have learned from your mistakes, you’re putting a very sour taste in your date’s mouth.

It will be very hard for your date to imagine themselves in a relationship with someone who can’t be trusted because they have a history of cheating.

  1. Intimate Experiences

Along the same lines of discussing past infidelities, you never want to discuss your intimate experiences, especially if you’ve had your fair share. Man or woman, no one wants to date someone who’s been around the block. Even if you’re past experiences are very limited, never bring up this topic. If you start talking about past experiences or even future fantasies, your date is going to think that’s all you care about. Leave sex off the first date.

Are you guilty of discussing any of these five things on your first dates? Have you figured out why you haven’t been able to secure second dates? To ensure dating success, leave these topics off your next first date. If you want them to be intrigued and want to get to know you more, don’t give them a reason to “next” you and go looking for someone new.

Whether you’re looking for expert dating coaching or to start meeting quality singles in Portland, we can help. Contact the best Portland matchmaking service today and let us do the hard work of dating for you. One-on-one dating coaching, hand-selected dates with compatible local singles, and post-date feedback are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy with Portland Singles Dating Service.

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