Portland Dating Service | 4 Secrets to Be Irresistible for Him

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Whether you’re just starting to date or you’re in a seasoned relationship or even married, you want to make your man melt for you. You want him to look at you with a smile he just can’t hide. You’re not alone. As a highly sought out Portland dating service with over 30 years in the business of love, we’ve had thousands of women ask us this question. Really – every woman wants to know!

So you want him to melt and swoon for you but just don’t know how to make it happen. Well, let us start off by saying that it’s all in the details.  When it comes to landing the man you want, the key is in the details. Are you ready to find out exactly how to make your man look at you like a decadent dessert he absolutely can’t resist? Let our Portland dating service reveal the secrets to become irresistible for your guy.

  1. Let Your Confidence Shine

Just like every woman wants a man who is secure and confident in himself, so does every guy. The fastest way to become irresistible for your man is to simply let your confidence shine. Believe us, it’s a major turn on for him to know he’s dating a woman who is secure and confident in her own skin.

Even if you could use a little help in the confidence department, don’t be afraid to fake it ‘til you make it. Seriously, it sounds silly, but it works!

  1. Smell Alluring

Do you want to get close to a man who smells like the gym? No, so why would he?  But beyond being fresh and clean, you can take it a step further by wearing something alluring. Counties studies have proven that men chase after women who smell great and catch their attention.

A word of advice: choose something that pairs well with your body – nothing too overbearing. And easy does it, ladies. You want to capture his attention, not drown him.

  1. Shower Him with Compliments

Everyone loves a good compliment from time to time. And your man is no exception. As matchmakers, we know this is one of the most important ways to make your man feel loved and secure in the relationship. It will make him feel great and boost his confidence.

Don’t ever shy away from extending your man a sincere and heartfelt compliment. Whether you love his sense of style, his sexy bed head in the morning, or just the way he laughs, let him know. And don’t forget to let him know you admire his work ethics and how much he loves his family.

  1. Smile & Laugh in His Presence

Nobody wants to hang around Negative Nancy, except maybe Life-Suck Sam. That’s right, you need to be positive and outgoing. Show him your enthusiasm for life by smiling and projecting an energetic aura.

A simple smile releases those feel-good endorphins we all crave. Believe us, when you smile, the world smiles with you – and there’s nobody you want to make smile more than your man. The happier you are when you’re with him, the more he’ll want to be around you. But make sure you’re not being fake. Nobody wants to be around someone who isn’t sincere. Smile, laugh, be silly and playful. Show him that you’re the one he can’t imagine a day without.

Getting your man to fall in love – or fall all over again – isn’t as hard as you think. If you want your guy to melt for you, use these simple tips from our Portland dating experts and watch how irresistible you become to him.

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