Portland Singles Dating Service | 5 Ways Guys Ruin First Dates

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Here at Portland Singles Dating Service, our matchmakers know that dating in today’s modern dating world is extremely difficult. This is especially true for mature singles looking for real love. There’s so much pressure on everyone involved.

There’s no doubt that first dates can be nerve-wracking. The intent of a first date is to get to know the other person better and see if there’s a possibility to start a relationship. However, the pressure and desire for approval by the opposite sex can turn this exciting rendezvous into a huge nightmare.

Too many singles, especially men, let the pressure get to them and crack. Want to find out how single men in Portland ruin first dates? Today, our professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service are going to reveal the biggest first date blunders by men.

  1. Refusing to Unplug

Our phones are so close to us all the time, they could literally be a third arm. We take our phones everywhere we go, and they can be a great companion, a true necessity. But they shouldn’t be a companion during a first date.

Or course, there are moments where a phone us is acceptable; sometimes, you have to capture that Insta-worthy picture of your meal, or quickly take a selfie to commemorate the beautiful evening. But when a guy seems to be doing nothing more than scrolling through his Instagram feed and won’t spend any time talking to his date, that can be a huge deal breaker.

  1. Being Too Social on Social Media

There are so many reasons why social media makes the world go around, and why it’s made life so much better. But of course, there is always an opposite side to the social media lifestyle. Yup, it’s not pretty.

First and foremost, a first date is not the time to bring out your social media life. A woman might not be too enthused about being tagged in photos or being mentioned in a post.

  1. Being Too Touchy

Let’s get into some honest talk here: boundaries are one of the most important aspects of our existence. Whether they’re physical or emotional, setting boundaries is super important for a relationship.

Dating and boundaries can feel intimidating. Everyone is so different, and many people dislike physical contact with people they don’t know well yet. Giving and receiving hugs can be a strong form of connection for some people, but it’s common courtesy to respect your date’s personal space. Consent is important and absolutely key here. Before you reach out to grab her hand, kiss or hug her, you need to check that she is okay with those things. You never want to cross her boundaries and make her feel uncomfortable.

  1. Overreacting to Rejection

Let’s face it, rejection stinks. Sometimes, rejection and dating can be complex and confusing. You might think your date went incredibly well and that the two of you effortlessly clicked, but your date could see things differently.

Each and every person comprehends and handles rejection differently. In a perfect world, the couple is honest with each other about how they’re feeling, and the two move on with no hard feelings. Unfortunately, not everyone handles rejection that well. Never do something to make your date feel like you can’t handle rejection. If you pick up on cues that she’s not into you, don’t come on to her anymore. Respect that it didn’t work out and move on. Never send her a string of unwanted messages after the first date. Walk away gracefully.

  1. Being After One Thing

One of the worst ways guys ruin first dates is having a one-track mind. You never want to go on a date with the intention of taking her home. This means keep your mind and mouth out of the gutter. Too many men talk inappropriately, tell dirty jokes, or can’t keep their hands to themselves. These are some of the worst things you can do to sabotage a first date. Not only is it inappropriate, but you can bet your bottom dollar you’re never going to hear from her again.

If you haven’t had any luck securing second dates lately, take a look back at your first date behavior. Are you guilty of any of these five things? If so, it’s time to change your dating habits now.

Ladies, are you tired of dating guys who don’t know how to have a great first date? Contact our professional matchmakers today. Let Portland Singles Dating Service introduce you to quality single men in Portland who are respectful, fun, successful, and a great fit for you!

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