Over 40 Dating in Portland | 3 Signs He’s Not Ready to Commit

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Over 40 dating in Portland is fun and exciting but also frustrating. With so many single men in Portland who aren’t ready to commit, how do you know you’re not wasting your time with one of them?

Have you ever dated a guy who just won’t step up to the plate and show you that he’s ready for a serious relationship? Maybe he seems like he is dragging his feet when it comes to getting serious. Maybe he seems reluctant to introduce you to his family and let them know that you guys are dating. Or maybe it feels like when his friends poke fun at you, he doesn’t step in to help you out. In other words, he’s really not being too mature – it seems like he has a lot of growing up to do.

3 Warning Signs He’s Not Ready to Commit to You

Questioning whether you’re wasting your time with the wrong guy? Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top warning signs he’s not ready for commitment.

  1. He always makes excuses.

We’ve all been there – you’re head over heels for a guy, he’s sending you a bunch of mix signals, and you just feel like you’re losing your mind. One moment, things are going great, but the next, things are not so good, and you feel like you don’t know which way is up or down. This is a sign that your guy isn’t mature enough to handle a relationship. In other words, this is a sign that the guy you’re dating is immature and definitely not ready for commitment.

  1. He plays hard to get.

In the past, it was pretty common for dating advice to say: “Play hard to get.” But come on now, it’s 2019 and those days are long gone. Now the mature thing to do is to express how you really feel about the person that you’re dating. His playing hard to get is a major sign that he’s an immature guy who isn’t ready for commitment.

It’s one thing for a teenage guy to play hard to get, but as you get older, this is not how a mature guy should behave.

You can find a guy who will not run around playing games, so never waste your time with one who’s toying with you.

  1. He wants you to make him your whole life.

When you start dating a guy who seems to get jealous when you’re doing something on your own or spending time with your friends, it’s a huge red flag. You’re definitely dealing with a guy who isn’t ready for commitment. This is something women should really keep an eye out for.

A guy who expects you to make him your entire life is not ready for something meaningful. He’s putting way too much pressure on you.

A boy thinks that “Love is all you need.” While that sounds super romantic, it’s not really true. We all need to have a life outside of the relationship. We all need to be independent and do the things we love to do.

Do you think your love interest is just wasting your time? Is he too immature for something serious? Stop wasting your time!

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