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It’s 2019, and our matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service would like to believe that people are no longer using outdated dating rules. But sometimes, we realize that many people are slipping into those old-fashioned moves. We’ve heard so many things about how to get a guy to ask us out, how to behave while on a first date, and how to make him commit to us long-term. We’re sure you can agree, right?

Sure, dating today is super modern since we all text and follow each other on Instagram. But there are many old-school dating moves that we’re still doing – ones that don’t work. Once we can spot them, we can make a conscious effort to stop them. And believe us, our dating lives will get so much better.

Old-School Dating Moves Women Must Drop

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service are going to reveal old-school dating moves women need to stop right now.

  1. Waiting three days to reach out.

One of the most popular old-school dating moves is to wait three days to call a guy. Of course, since we’re dating in 2019, we need to add texting and messaging through social media to the equation.

We should definitely stop doing this, as there is no good reason for it. If we go on a first date with an attractive guy, why not text him before three days? He’s not going to wonder why we’re reaching out so fast after the first date. If he’s been thinking about us, he’ll be super happy that we made the first move. Of course, maybe he texts us before we can reach out to him, which is fine too. But if he’s nervous or shy, there’s no reason a woman can’t make the first move. This will actually ease his nerves and give him the courage to ask you out again.

  1. Waiting hours to reply.

If a guy texts us, we should respond promptly instead of waiting a day or two to get back to him. We don’t need to look like we have a hectic life or are too busy to answer his messages. It’s not fair, and it just doesn’t look good.

Unfortunately, an old-school dating move is feeling like we can’t answer his calls right away. We feel like we have to wait an hour or two to get back to him. We also feel like we can’t answer the phone in the first few rings. Women feel like they have to make the guy wait a while. But think about it: what if the roles were reversed? How would you feel? You would feel discouraged. You might even think he wasn’t interested and stop reaching out to him altogether.

  1. Flirting too much and batting your eyelashes.

Whenever a girl tries to flirt in a movie or TV show, she will always bat her eyelashes in an excessive way, and it doesn’t make her look good at all. She might even trip on her high heels or fall all over the place.

When it comes to real life, flirting should be much more subtle than that. Another old-school dating move that we should drop is flirting a lot and batting our eyelashes. Guys can see right through that and will wonder why we’re trying so hard to impress them. It’s not a good look at all.

Flirting should be subtle and all you. Don’t go over the top trying to be someone you’re not. Guys can see right through this. Plus, you might even come off as too easy or desperate. Just smile, laugh, be witty, and most of all – just be you.

Too many women today are following old-school dating moves – dating moves that just don’t work today. It’s 2019, and times have changed. It’s time to update your dating techniques.

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