Mature Women in Portland | 6 Signs He’s Keeping You a Secret

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Mature women in Portland, we’re sorry you’re here reading this dating blog. If you landed on our page today, you’re questioning your dating life.

So you managed to find someone worth your time. Hmm, or so you think.

The relationship seems like it’s just sort of, well… Stalled? Nothing concrete is coming out of the text messages and ongoing attempts to spend time together.

Maybe this person is dating someone else. Maybe they’re casually dating multiple people. In other words, maybe you’re being put on the back burner.

If you’re getting the feeling that your relationship is being kept a secret, it very well could be. And you definitely don’t deserve that.

6 Signs He’s Keeping You a Secret

Think your guy is super busy? Has he lost interest in you? Or worse, is he keeping you a secret? Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to reveal the telltale warning signs he’s keeping you a secret.

  1. He doesn’t follow through.

Making solid plans with your love interest? Good sign! Lack of plans and follow through? Bad sign. Sure, some people’s lives are very busy with work and everything. And there’s no magic number of times you should tolerate being ditched before ditching them. But if it’s a regular thing – and he never has a legitimate excuse – then he’s keeping you a secret.

  1. He claims he has no friends.

He does – we all do. Even if they’re online buddies, they still exist. Still, it’s clear that he’d prefer you not to know to them since the fewer people who about you, the better it will be. If he tells you that he doesn’t have any friends, beware.

  1. He’s shady about his job.

He told you the field he’s involved in but not so much about his day-to-day activities. He’s also been a little shady about where his office is located. You have a basic idea, but if you had to send a package to him, it’d require a little investigating. After all, he won’t even let out the company name. Why is he being so shady with his place of employment?

  1. He has photos with other women.

Whether it’s a quick look at his Instagram or even framed photos in his condo, they’re around. It’s obvious he’s been in other relationships before, and he’s obviously still not over them. Or maybe he’s still in them and is just too lazy to hide the evidence. Perhaps he forgot to hide the evidence and is hoping you didn’t notice.

  1. He doesn’t have good date ideas.

Not every date needs to be a well-thought out experience. Sometimes, you will put the TV on and call it a date. But his date ideas always revolve around take out. He orders a pizza and calls it a date. Why? Because he doesn’t want to put effort into a relationship that he doesn’t really care about being in. This is especially troubling if all the dates are at your place and never his.

  1. He has trouble accounting for his time.

You shouldn’t need to track your boyfriend all the time; otherwise, that would be a bit stalkerish. But if it’s common for hours to go by where he’s not checking in, something is definitely suspicious. It’d make a lot of sense if he had an entire secondary life without you knowing about it. It seems a little extreme, but it does happen from time to time.

As much as we hope your new love interest isn’t keeping you a secret, we wouldn’t be surprised. So many mature women in Portland come to find out the hard way. We hope you spot the signs early on and save yourself the heartbreak.

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