Single Women in Portland | Top 5 Reasons to Never Chase Him

single women in portland

Too many single women in Portland make this dating mistake. But we’re here to help ensure you don’t!

Remember, ladies: if a guy really wants you, he will be the one that goes after you. That’s right, you don’t have to go after him.

Never chase after a guy who’s showing no interest because you are overlooking other guys who are out there chasing after you. Because, ultimately, you are just wasting your time and energy going after someone who isn’t worthy of your time.

Why You Should Never Chase Him

Have you been chasing after a guy with no luck? Are you invisible to him? Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons to never chase after a guy.

  1. He’s not the right now for you.

When you meet the right guy, you won’t need to chase after him because you’ll both want to walk together the moment you see each other. Your worlds will change, and the only direction left to go will be forward. Otherwise, you wind up wasting your precious time going after someone who isn’t right for you. Remember that the right guy will never make you chase him.

  1. He will feel harassed or stalked.

Although men often portray a tough exterior, they have feelings just like women do. Being persistent when he’s not interested in dating you is downright abuse. Guys put out subtle hints just like women do when they get irritated by someone going after them. Be respectful and comply with him. There’s nothing more annoying than a woman that can’t take a hint. Sound familiar? Harassment goes both ways. Don’t be that person.

  1. He isn’t interested.

The right guy for you will probably notice you instantly. If not, then he will very soon. All you need to do is put yourself out there where the two of you might interact. If a guy doesn’t approach you and show his interest in dating you, then he’s not the right guy for you. Don’t be so desperate to be in a relationship that you settle for someone who isn’t right for you. Have some self-respect and a bit of patience on your dating journey. If not, you’ll end up settling for someone who doesn’t treat you right.

  1. He won’t stay long.

We’ve seen a lot of women boast about how easily they manipulated guys into being in a relationship with them. We secretly shake our heads when these women say things like this. The fact is that if you can quickly change a guy’s mind, nothing is stopping some other woman out there from doing the same.

  1. He will probably cheat.

Let’s imagine that by some miracle everything went the way you want, and you get him to date you. Chances are high that he’ll eventually cheat on you. The fact is that men love chasing women. He doesn’t get the enjoyment of approaching you, getting you to give him a chance, then finally securing you as a potential partner. If you don’t give him that, he’s going to look for that somewhere else. You need to let him be the one that comes after you. Remember, ladies, guys love the chase.

A lot of single women in Portland become so desperate to be in a relationship that they throw themselves at men who aren’t interested. Don’t fall into that trap. Dating is tough today. You have to be patient on your search and show some self-respect. You don’t want to lose out on a great guy because he sees you’re too busy chasing after guys who don’t reciprocate your feelings. And believe us, if a good guy sees you doing this, he’s going to lose respect for you.

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