Raleigh Hills Matchmakers | 3 Signs He’s Going to Dump You

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Things seem to be going alright in your relationship. But of nowhere, things started going bad. What’s going on? What happened? Are you just over-analyzing it? Our Raleigh Hills matchmakers know there many tell-tale signs that let you know something is seriously going on. That’s right, we’re about to help you get to the bottom of things.

Do you think your boyfriend is starting to hate the relationship? Do you think he wants to dump you? While there are some clear-cut signs that let you know he’s not happy anymore, there are some cues that are not so simply to pick up.  If you miss these clues, that unpredictable punch to your stomach – when he blindsides you with a breakup, leaves you wondering what went wrong.

Telltale Warning Signs He Wants to Break Up

Don’t let that happen. Save yourself the heartache and keep a look out for these signs from our Raleigh Hills matchmakers that let you know he hates the relationship and wants to get out.

  1. He stops flirting.

A key component to a healthy relationship is flirting. You don’t want to risk becoming impersonal roommates or friends, right? Flirtation in a relationship is a way of acknowledging that you’re still totally into each other and love each other to the fullest.

A sudden drop-off in the flirting department is a warning sign that your guy’s interest could be somewhere else. Why? Because he’s definitely not flirting with you. Clearly, he’s not happy with the person he’s in a relationship with, and so he simply can’t be bothered to flirt with you anymore. A gradual decline in flirting is completely normal, but an abrupt change in intimate behavior could mean that he wants to break up soon.

  1. He compares you to other women.

Comparing you to other women is a way for him to undermine you. It also makes you believe his heart and mind are somewhere else – and into someone else. It could be that he’s comparing you to a girl from work or maybe he’s comparing you to his ex and putting you down in the process. Perhaps he’s even mentioning attractive female friends to whom you don’t quite measure up.

Any guy who does this to his girlfriend wants her to know that he thinks about other women all the time. Plus, he considers them better, even if it’s not in a romantic way. He’s playing the part of the jerk so you’ll pull the trigger before he has to end the relationship himself. If he thinks he’s so perfect, let him prove that to himself by being single again.

  1. He re-opens wounds.

When you’re in a serious relationship, you’re bound to have fights and arguments from time to time. Some might be smaller fights while others a little bigger. If you’re able to forgive each other and move on from those fights, that’s great. Some people can manage to forgive each other and continue to have a healthy relationship.

Well, that would be the mature thing to do, but the guy who hates the relationship and wants to break up will continue to re-open past wounds. He will choose to open old wounds in the middle of an argument reminding you of all the things you did wrong in the past. If your guy is constantly digging up old dirt, then he’s making it clear that all he wants to do is fight. He might want to fight to make you realize you’re not happy in the relationship. This way, you’ll pull the plug on him and he doesn’t have to worry about hurting you.

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