Mature Dating in Portland | 3 Tips to Get Him to Stay with You


Mature dating in Portland is very competitive. It’s not easy to find a good guy in the Portland dating scene, so once you find one, it’s imperative you know how to keep him interested.

Let’s talk about what it takes to keep a guy hooked, like really hooked, not just kind of into you… but totally hooked on you.

So you have no problem getting his interest. But keeping him around for good is a different story. Time and time again, they fall hard, but they don’t stick around for good. You wonder if it’s you, if you’re doing something wrong.

We get a lot of questions from women wanting to know the secret for getting a guy to stay. Here at Portland Singles, we know that finding love isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies. It takes effort and dedication to keep a guy hooked.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you expert tips for keeping a guy interested in you for good.

  1. Show your appreciation.

Okay, no one in the world is perfect, so if your man goes out to buy you roses and gets you the wrong color, do not less unappreciative. Instead, remember that it is the thought that counts. Show him that you really appreciate the gesture.

If every time he does something wrong, like get you the wrong coffee in the morning, you choose to yell at him, he’ll slowly stop doing those things for you. In fact, he’ll probably leave you. However, if you praise him for going out of his way to get you coffee and show him that you appreciate it by telling him how much it means to you, he’ll be hooked on you. He’ll love doing things for you when he knows how much they mean to you.

  1. Do not take him for granted.

The secret in life is never to take anyone for granted, and that includes your partner. No one in the world enjoys being taken for granted, so all you have to do to keep your guy happy is keep things balanced. If he is all nice and happy with you and spoils you, do not take advantage of that. Treat him with kindness and give him love and kind gestures too.

Of course, if any man feels like you are taking advantage of him, he will not want be in a relationship with you.

  1. Know that men are men.

Acting like a lady and thinking like a man will keep your guy interested in you forever… And we’re going to tell you why.

Men are not like women; they experience and see things in a different way. How they see relationships and express their emotions are completely different, and that needs to be understood by you.

Often, men leave women because they are tired of women nagging them for not being like them. You can’t do that to them. You simply cannot expect a man to do things like you do, or show love the same exact way that you do. Once you accept the differences between men and women, any man will be hooked on you.

Ladies, as you can see, it’s not that hard to keep a guy hooked on you. Use these tips from our Portland matchmakers and get your guy hooked for good.

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