Single Women in Portland | 5 Signs You’re Not on a Real Date

Not a great date

Single women in Portland, don’t get fooled! Just because a guy takes you out, doesn’t mean he is taking you on a real date. Sometimes you end up finding out the hard way that he isn’t interested in you romantically. If these things happen while you’re out, it’s time to re-evaluate if the two of you are on the same page about each other.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top signs you’re not on a real date. Ouch! It hurts, but it’s better to find out now.

  1. He asks you to pick him up.

It’s possible he doesn’t have a car if he lives in the city or a very walkable area. But with public transportation and private rideshare options available, there are many ways he can get around. We would think if a guy was trying to impress you, he’d save face and get around on his own. It’s great to be eco-friendly by getting around via public transportation, but we’d question this level of comfort.

  1. He talks about women.

We don’t mean rambling about a coworker that he doesn’t get a long with. More like present tense raving about a current woman of interest. If it’s a first “date,” then, of course, he wouldn’t be committed to you at this point and may still be talking to other women. However, talking about another woman while he’s with you is a sign that he thinks about her. He may even be intentionally talking about her to let you know that he doesn’t see you in a romantic way. AS matchmakers, we know this is a common tactic guys use to let a woman subtly know they’re not interested in her romantically.

  1. He answers texts and calls from another woman.

This is even worse than the one above. Not only does she have his undivided attention, but he’s dissing you to talk to her. Why even bother going out with you if he’s going to be giving her his attention? He’s either very rude and disrespectful or he doesn’t see a problem because he only sees you as a friend. Either way, we would write off a potential relationship with this guy.

  1. He tells you not to get all done up.

Men aren’t always direct when it comes to communication. If he makes a point to tell you to be casual for the night that could appropriately involve a dressier outfit, he’s telling you not to make a big deal of things. This doesn’t apply, of course, if nicer clothes wouldn’t suit the date location such as indoor-climbing or mini golfing. But if he lets you know in advance that he’s not getting dressed up and you shouldn’t either (when you totally could dress up for the venue), then he doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression.

  1. He doesn’t pay.

It seems like going Dutch has become the new norm in today’s modern dating world. But expecting you to cover the entire bill? If you ask a guy to spend time with you and he fully takes on the offer with his presence and your wallet, he’s not taking you seriously as a potential partner. He is clearly taking advantage of you. However, if a guy merely wants to split the bill with you, you can’t write him off just yet. In the modern dating scene, this is fairly common nowadays.

Don’t be one of the hundreds of single women in Portland who fall for a guy who isn’t interested in her romantically. Know the cues and signs he’s giving you and be prepared and onboard from the start. Don’t let yourself get hung up on someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. You deserve real love.

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