Portland Dating Service | 3 Signs He’s Not Husband Material

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As the leading Portland dating service, we know it seems like finding a good guy is getting harder by the day. Even if you’re convinced you found yourself a good guy, how can you be sure he’ll be a good husband in the future? How can you really know he’s husband material?

It’s not an exact science because love never is, right? But there are a few signs that can help you determine whether or not your boyfriend will not be a good husband for you down the road.

3 Warning Signs He’s Not Husband Material

If you’ve been having doubts about your guy’s worthiness, wonder no more. Today, the most reputable Portland dating service is going to reveal the telltale warning signs he’s not husband material.

  1. He always gets his way.

Marriage is a huge deal. More than two people swearing they love each other, marriage is about being together for the long haul. When two people tie the knot, they are making a vow to each other. They are promising to make compromises for the marriage. The key to this is acknowledging and accepting that you can’t always get your way.

If your partner is the type of person who freaks out and gets angry when things don’t go his way, it’s time to reconsider this relationship. People like this simply can’t compromise. Trust us, spending the rest of your life dealing with someone like this will be a nightmare for you. This is the type of person who can’t see things from anyone else’s perspective. And they don’t care to.

  1. He’s disrespectful to other women.

A very good way to assess what type of guy you’re with is to look at his behaviors and attitudes towards other women. It’s very easy to become head over heels with a guy who treats you like a princess and doesn’t say a bad word to you. But you must also take a look at the way he treats other women.

If a man is disrespectful or rude when he talks to other women, that’s a huge red flag. Who’s to say that he won’t change and treat you that way down the road? Things aren’t an issue for you now, but his attitude may end up being the reason you get a divorce later on.

  1. He loves to flirt with other women.

We’re all human beings. Just because we are in a loving relationship, doesn’t mean that we need to stop interacting with other people. However, there is a clear line that separates finding another woman appealing and shamelessly flirting with her.

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a guy who makes you feel unwanted, inferior and betrayed. Flirting isn’t such an innocent thing, especially when it happens all the time. It will eventually mess with your self-esteem and hurt the marriage. This could also be an indicator that your partner will end up cheating on you down the road. Do you really want to feel undesirable? Do you want to question his intentions and live with jealousy all the time?

Finding your forever guy isn’t easy today. But knowing how to spot the wrong guys will take you a long way.

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