Portland Matchmaking Tips to Fix Problems in Your Relationship

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Every relationship in the world has problems. And these problems can lead to serious arguments – which often don’t go anywhere and create more problems. Ugh, vicious cycle, right? As the best Portland matchmaking service, we have just the answers you need.

If your relationship is facing many problems today, this relationship blog is perfect for you.

Tips to Fix Relationship Issues

Are you and your partner facing a rough patch in your relationship? Are you ready to put buckle down and fix things? Today, our Portland matchmaking experts are going to show you the best ways to solve problems in your relationship. If you really love each other, you’ll both want to work together to save your relationship.

Respect the Boundaries

Every individual and couple will have their own boundaries. These can be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological. They may stem from past experiences, personal beliefs or current wants and needs in life.

People need to show their partner that they respect those boundaries. They need to trust that their significant other will do the same. This one isn’t going to work overnight. You each need to sit down and think about what you will and won’t tolerate in a relationship. You have to set boundaries and stick to them. You have to build the trust and keep it. This will be an ongoing process that will definitely help solve issues in the relationship.

Pitch in Together

As we already know, life is full of responsibilities, and couples should share those responsibilities with each other. For some, that means one person works out in the world while the other stays back and takes care of the home, cooks and cleans. For others, it means the budget and chores will be divided in half. Every couple is different, so you have to decide what works best for you and your partner.

The point is that someone is going to have to clean that toilet, like it or not! It will look different from couple to couple, and that is okay. As long as both partners are pitching in and doing their part, it will be a smoother ride.

Spread more love

A good rule in life is to always spread love. Remember that people can get busy and stressed with life, and couples need to make sure their love is always evident. Sometimes, it can get taken for granted or pushed under the rug in this crazy thing called life. But that is never a good thing.

Take time every single day to show your partner that you love them. It can be a simple hug or a small compliment – or something grand like giving them flowers, taking them out to eat, or packing up for a weekend getaway. It doesn’t matter how you show your love, just make sure to show it.

Take a break

Sometimes, things get too bad between two people. Unfortunately, that’s where this tip comes into play. It is never easy or pretty, but it is necessary sometimes. Two people may need to get away from each other in order to think, clear their heads, and work on themselves.

This may sound iffy for some, but it can definitely help out. And remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder. In turn, a couple could be better than ever after going on a small break from each other. Just be sure to set guidelines before taking a break from the relationship. We don’t want the same thing that Rachel and Ross did on the show “Friends” to happen to you.

Have you been struggling in your relationship? Try these simple tips from our Portland matchmaking team and watch your relationship get better.

Have you used any of these helpful tips to whip your relationship back into shape? We would love to know which ones worked best for you.

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