Mature Singles in Portland | 6 Signs You’re Okay Being Single

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Many mature singles in Portland wake up happy every day. That’s right, despite being single. Here at Portland Singles Dating Service, we applaud these men and women. Are you one of them?

You may not necessarily be single because you want to be single. Right? At the same time, you’re also not desperate to find love. Nope, you’re just living your life, making the most of out of being single – all the while, still hoping to find the one.

Believe it or not, this is the best way to go about finding love.

6 Signs You’re Okay Being Single

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show mature singles in Portland the top signs you’re okay being single for now.

  1. You don’t feel weird when you go out alone.

You don’t freak out at the thought of going out to eat alone. You don’t worry about being stood up by friends and having to make your way out to eat or to the movies on your own. In fact, you love doing many of those things alone, so much that you regularly take yourself out on dates. Furthermore, you enjoy every second of them.

  1. You don’t mind seeing happy couples.

You don’t get jealous or cynical when you see couples holding hands, smiling at each other or posting things on social media. You don’t really even notice them anymore. This is a good sign that you’re not bitter because you’re single. But above all, you’re focusing on your own life and are too busy to worry about anyone else’s life.

  1. You get happy for friends who are in relationships.

When your BFF calls you and tells you that she just met a wonderful guy whom she thinks is a keeper, you don’t get jealous. You don’t tell her that he will eventually cheat on her and that all guys are losers. You’re honestly happy for her and even cheer her on. You know that what’s great for her might not be great for you, and that’s totally fine. You are enjoying your single life right now so you don’t feel left out or upset when happiness comes to your friends.

  1. You don’t feel pressure to find the one.

Just because you’re happy as happy can get for your friend who’s got a new boyfriend doesn’t mean that you need the same thing. This doesn’t make you want to install a dating app or join a dating site ASAP. In fact, you don’t crack under society’s pressure to find someone. On that note, some people might not believe that you genuinely don’t want to date, but that’s their problem.

  1. You don’t mind weddings.

When you weren’t happy about being single, going to weddings felt like a punishment for you. These days, however, you don’t see weddings as something scary anymore. Furthermore, you actually love attending weddings. They’re a celebration of the love two people have for each other, and you don’t let that bother you.

  1. You don’t freak out about a spider in the house.

You not only enjoy being single but can come to your own rescue when you need help. Oh, yeah, such as when you see a huge spider on the kitchen floor. Instead of freaking out and calling a guy friend to help you out, you find a way to deal with the situation on your own. Being single has taught you how to handle life situations that you would normally have your guy handle. It’s made you stronger, wiser, and tougher.

How many of these signs do you notice about yourself? Are you happy with your life? The happier and more fulfilled you are with your own life, the easier it will be to attract a quality partner. It means you won’t rely on them to provide your happiness.

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