Portland Matchmakers | 5 Tips to Deal with Unrequited Love

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If 2019 led you to the hurtful truth that someone doesn’t feel the same way for you, let our Portland matchmakers help.

There are few things quite as painful and devastating as being head over heels for someone who doesn’t feel the same way for you. Our Portland matchmakers know it’s not an ideal situation to be in. but sometimes it’s the one you’re stuck in, and you simply have to find a way to cope with the situation at hand. Above all, you need to deal with it the best way you can so you can save yourself from feeling the pain.

5 Tips to Deal with Unrequited Love

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the best ways to deal with unrequited love in the new year. After all, if you aren’t able to overcome this, you’ll never open yourself up to finding real love in 2020.

  1. Allow yourself to feel the pain.

When you’re hurting, it might seem like the best thing to do is suppress the grief. But that’s the last thing you want to do. Give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings because they’ve valid. Yes, you care for them, and it’s not like you can suddenly turn that off and stop your feelings for them in an instant.

Just go on loving or caring for them knowing that’s all you can do. Get angry, scream out of frustration, and let the sadness flow out of your body. It hurts right now, but you will eventually feel better. It’ll take some time to get over them, but believe us, you will.

  1. Use this time to figure out what you really want.

Now that the rose-colored lenses through which you viewed this person are now cleared, take a deeper look. Try to see if what you felt was really love or if it was just infatuation.

If you really loved them, ask yourself why. What was it they brought into your life? Were you trying to use them to fill a void in your life? To feel less lonely? If it’s something that’s more about you than them, you need time to work on yourself.  Make 2020, the time you figure out what you really want and need in your life.  The first thing you need to do is work on yourself and fix everything that is holding you back. Once you start working on yourself, you’ll feel more secure and confident to go into the Portland dating scene. After all, only once you’re happy with your life can you welcome someone else.

  1. Give yourself some space.

We’re not saying to move to another country to get away from them and the feeling of unrequited love. That’s ridiculous. But you do need to do what’s best for you during this difficult time.

If you’ve been doing a lot of emotional labor for them, consider shedding some of that weight. You don’t have to completely abandon them, but you shouldn’t accept more hurt that you can possibly handle. If you spend many hours a day with them, cut it down. Figure out what best suits your relationship dynamic, go with it, and let yourself heal from the pain.

  1. Find something healthy to do with your time.

It’s hard to stop yourself from thinking about someone you love and want to be with. We can’t help it. After all, it’s just the way we humans are. What you can do is try to engage in healthy activities that won’t painfully remind you of them. In other words, no cheesy romantic movies, love songs, or sad novels. The fact that things worked out for those characters doesn’t mean there’s a happy ever after for your unrequited love.

  1. Get back out there.

Last but not least, get back out there. We’re not telling you to jump headfirst into the Portland dating scene if you’re not ready. But once you’ve worked through your emotions and accepted that it’s not going to work, why wait around any longer? Get out there and start meeting new people. After all, you’re never going to get over them if you sit at home thinking about them all the time. You can’t make room in your life for someone new if you can’t let go of the feelings for someone else. Accept social invitations and start putting yourself out there more.

Our Portland matchmakers know that getting over unrequited love isn’t easy. Follow these five tips and work through it day by day. You will get through it and eventually find the love you desire and deserve.

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